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『ささやくように恋を唄う 』朝凪依の魅力






















The Charm of Yori Asanagi in “Wispering you a love song”

I would like to introduce Yori Asanagi, who appears in the manga “Wispering you a love song”.

I will introduce her from my own subjective point of view as well as from an objective point of view based on her position and standing in the manga.

First of all, this manga is a so-called yuri manga(comics and novels about female homosexuality),

Yori Asanagi is depicted as a double heroine along with another character, Himari Kino.

She is tall and cool, but very reserved about romance, and her main attraction is that she is not harsh in the way she talks to and treats her lovers and friends.

In addition, although she has only a few conversations in the work at this point, she is at once very young as a younger sister in her interactions with her family, partly due to the influence of having an older brother.

Such a cute gap can be glimpsed at key points, which is one of her great charms as mentioned above.

Encounter with Himari Kino

Himari Kino, who would later become her boyfriend, met Himari Kino when she joined a friend’s band as an assistant because of her love of music.
At first, Himari’s ardent attack on him left him in a tizzy throughout the encounter, but after they became lovers, we gradually see him take the lead in the conversation with a sharp look in his eyes.

However, the author’s enthusiasm can be felt in the fact that she still retains her charm points of “shyness” and “blushing” without any signs of blurring.

I was also captivated by her kindness and the aforementioned gap.

Since there is a moderate calmness in the way the story progresses, not only Yori but also the actions and feelings of each character are described in detail, so you can learn even more about her charms through those scenes.

Surely readers who like the other characters will also enjoy the story in the same way.

Double Heroine’s Position

Although I mentioned earlier that she is a double heroine, her relationship with Himari Kino, the other heroine, is like that of the sun and the moon, to use an analogy.

Himari is always smiling with a dazzling smile, and I am sure there are many readers who love her.
In contrast, Yori, who is like the moon, has multiple scenes that are linked to Himari’s joys, sorrows, and emotions, especially when they are on dates.

When Himari is sad, Yori is kind and concerned, and when she is having fun, Yori smiles.

In the beginning, Himari was not very aware of this, or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that she did not have the experience or the time to be aware of it.

However, as time goes by, he gradually becomes able to naturally lead Himari on dates, and I like the way he grows.

In a story about a couple of women, a prince-like figure often appears.

However, with Yori, it is not a distant figure, like a flower on a high peak, but rather a presence that gently stands next to you in times of trouble or loneliness, like Anpanman, for example.
This existence, which even male athletes often admire, is portrayed in a very attractive manner without compromising the basic premise that she is a woman.

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I am a Japanese university student studying English,German.
I will introduce you to the charms of Japanese anime, manga, and culture